California Association of Taxidermists

The 2019 Art Show & Competition is Rapidly Approaching!

The California Association of Taxidermists is California‚Äôs only taxidermy association that has been in existence for 33 years! What we do is help our members grow and advance in the art/trade of taxidermy. We are able to accomplish this by: hosting an annual art show with the nation’s best judges, host taxidermy seminars throughout the year that are available to all our members, and network with each other to aid in the fundamentals, growth, and knowledge of taxidermy. Our members have a very competitive spirit which drives us all to put forth our very best work in the advancement of our independent business and personal art.

We welcome all visitors to our new website! We have a bit more work to do, but the show information is posted, as well as the registration paperwork and show schedule. Our updated newsletter will be posted soon as well.

These are our judges for the 2019 show: Doug Roffers for Mammals, Rick Krane for Fish/Reptiles, Mike Nakielski for Birds. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM.

A huge thank you to our new website manager and to all our members! See you at the 2019 show!

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