Member Profile: Leonard Joaquin

I LIVE IN: Manteca, California.

MY SHOP NAME: Leonard Joaquin Taxidermy (L.J.T.) Manteca, CA. (209) 769-6066

FAMILY: I enjoy life in the outdoors with my lovely wife of 44 years, and our beautiful daughter, Jenna.

I STARTED IN THE ART OF TAXIDERMY: I started doing taxidermy roughly 25 years ago, like most folks, as a hobby.

THE FIRST CRITTER I MOUNTED: First thing I ever mounted was a chicken. It was during a class I took at Delta College, Stockton CA.

I HAVE BEEN A C.A.T. MEMBER SINCE: 2011. Currently I serve on the Board of Directors of the C.A.T. (as well as serving as the official auctioneer at our annual Wildlife Art & Taxidermy Show awards banquet).

MY FAVORITE SPECIE TO MOUNT: I would have to say, my favorite game specie to work with would have to be wild sheep.

MY INSPIRATIONS/MENTORS: Mr. Eric Jason Carter (Eric Carter Reproductions, Stockton CA.) inspired me years ago, to pursue my interest in the world of taxidermy. Eric was teaching a taxidermy class I attended at the Delta College in Stockton, CA.

MY ODDEST/STRANGEST REQUEST: I think my strangest taxidermy request has to be to mount a lady’s pet cat…………………which had been buried for 4 days (in a shoe box)!

STATES I HAVE COMPETED IN: I have entered my taxidermy pieces into competitions in the states of California (California Association of Taxidermist’s-CAT), Utah (National Taxidermy Association-NTA), and Oregon (Oregon Association of Taxidermist’s-OAT)

MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS (Awards, etc.): I have been fortunate to earn several awards in my taxidermy career. I have received a few in the “Professional” Division, 2 “Best of Category” awards, and the North American Safari Club International “Wild Sheep” award, two consecutive years. Earning such awards and being recognized as a quality, accomplished wildlife artist, truly makes all the hard work worth it to me, my family, and ultimately to my customers!

MY HOBBIES (Outside of taxidermy): I enjoy the outdoors with my family and friends on hunting and fishing trips. We also enjoy our many ATV excursions.

MY ADVICE TO THE BEGINNERS IN THE ART OF TAXIDERMY: My personal advice to anyone beginning in taxidermy would be to have plenty of patience, and NEVER stop learning!!

Happy Holidays,

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